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Christian Counseling Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries with a concentration in Christian Counseling is a non-licensure, non-clinical four-year program that is designed to prepare the student for advanced studies in the Christian Counseling field or for pastoral care positions. It not only equips the student academically, but also is designed to prepare the student spiritually and practically with various Christian service requirements and mentoring opportunities. This program specializes in providing opportunities for practical experience and training in the field of Christian Counseling with the expectation that students would pursue additional studies for licensure or would be prepared for pastoral care positions.

The program does not meet the requirements for a Virginia professional counseling license.

Graduates in the Christian Counseling Concentration will be able to:
  • Demonstrate competence in the basic terminology and concepts of psychology and counseling.
  • Analyze developmental psychological patterns.
  • Analyze behaviors against personality theories.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate research style and methods.
  • Articulate the Biblical and theological basis of Christian Counseling.

Curriculum Requirements – 130 credits

26 hours (BS) Biblical Studies

6 hours (TS) Theological Studies

62 hours (PS) Professional Studies